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Thank you very much for opening our home page. Let us introduce our only son, Kazuo, to you. He was born on the fifth of August,1970. He is our only child and we had expected him for a long time. When he was 3, a doctor let us know that he was autistic. Since then our son and we have struggled with "autism".
He has been interested in music and good at listening to music since his childhood. He went to public school in Takatsuki city,Osaka for nine years. He lived his school life with normal students there. We thought he was able to read music. But he always had bad marks in music. After his nine years of compulsory education,he began staying at home. Luckily he got many wonderful teachers and friends. They taught him how wonderful music is. They taught him how to play the guitar. Thanks to his friends, Kazuo improved his playing skill very well. He passed the 5th degree on licensing exam for guitar skill. So he was approved to be a professional guitarist. Now he gives performances as a pro guitarist. This fact is an unexpected surprise for us. We are very glad of it.
In 1993, NHK channel 12 introduced his personal history on the program titled "Welfare for Tomorrow". Many people who watched it have supported his performances. At the age of 17 years, he began to play at the restraurant 'Independence & Peace' in Umeda,Osaka. And now he plays at the restaurant MASARA BASSAR in Takatsuki city regularly. Recently he has been requested to play at concerts. Last year he played at concerts over 17 times. In May this year he had a chance to play at a concert hall in Taiwan by the request of the Government.
Of course he is still autistic and we still have many problems caused on it. At the same time,because of him, we could meet many people, find many way of thinking and new concepts. We appreciate it all very much. We are looking forward to getting your kind responses.

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